The Aston Martin V8 Oscar India

Aston Martin V8 Oscar India

This is a Mk4 V8 "Oscar India". This is the most desirable model of V8 (other than the Vantage) and was in production from October 1978.

Aston Martin V8 Rear View

The funny thing about Aston Martin is they are a bit sensitive about the James Bond connection.

The Vanquish was very high tech and a much better car than the competing Ferrari, but all anyone wanted to know at the launch was whether this would be the next Bond car. In deference to Aston Martin I won't mention Bond at all on this site.

Aston Martin V8 Interior

As you'd expect the interior is beautifully trimmed using nine Connolly leather hides. It has the wonderful smell you only ever find in a nicely matured leather interior.

The view from the driver's seat is dominated by the bonnet bulge which looks much bigger from inside the car than outside. Underneath the bulge is the 5.3 liter quad cam V8 engine.

Aston Martin V8 Engine

This particular engine was built by Bert Nash. He put some care into it, as while the engine has an American firing order it has none of the lumpiness you'd associate with an American V8. It sounds wonderful.

The four Weber carburetors will need a good clean to make the engine run perfectly. The engine will have a good service after the chassis restoration.

Aston Martin in the VORD Garage

The Aston installed in the VORD Garage. I'll start off with a detailed inspection, and then order the parts for the repair.

Aston Martin support these cars very well as part of their "Car for life" philosophy. The parts operation at Newport Pagnell closed in 2001 so I have to buy parts from a dealer in Welwyn Garden City. I found Mark from Newport Pagnell and Peter from Grange Aston Martin in Welwyn very friendly and helpful. The customer service from Aston Martin is reason enough to own one.

The sills arrived after just a couple of days and I drove to Welwyn to collect them. The Welwyn Aston Martin dealership is minimalist chic. The otherwise empty carpark contained three brand new silver V12 Vanquishes. I added my yellow Renault 4 which attracted quite a few smiles from the Aston sales people. I really wish I'd taken my camera.

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