Work (not) done on ROJ….

Last weekend we stopped off at the farm on our way up to Yorkshire. Two reasons for this – I needed the assistance of Young Phil to get the last piece of leather interior fitted on Stephanie’s little Escort – and secondly, i had almost forgotten what ROJ looked like!

Life is definitely conspiring against me ever finishing this restoration – and at particularly low moments I’ve considered selling the lot and going and sitting on a warm sunny beach somewhere.

So, what has kept me from finishing the car?

The first clue is in our trip to Yorkshire.

I’ve been spending far too much time working at home with daytime TV on… And subliminally this has had an insidious effect – last year I bought a small house in Sowerby Bridge overlooking the Calder Valley. And of course, on TV, they make house renovations look easy! – It’s taken me over four months to get the place ready to rent out.

 Secondly – I’m still running the All Party Parliamentary Group on Landmines  working with the NGOs and now the UN too.

My third excuse,is health – which has slowed me down a bit.

And finally – prevarication.

But no more! This year is the year that ROJ will roll – even if I have to push it.

In place of playing with ROJ I have contended myself by ‘pimping’ Stephanie’s Escort – it’s now got a sporty exhaust and full leather interior and some racey wheels – then someone smashed the back bumper so it’s off to the body shop for an insurance repair tomorrow.

There has been fun on the farm too – the recent typhoon like winds finally did for the wobbly barn.

busted barn4

And so, my next post will be Work Done on ROJ..

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