I waxoyled the Aston this morning. It’s always a messy task, but made a lot easier and more effective by using a compressor rather than the nasty hand pump things that you can buy in Halfords. I invested about £60 in a “wax-auto international” gun, and it’s been fantastic.

Waxoyl gun

The cleaned interior is laid out on sheets in the middle of the garage now, so there’s half a chance the car will be almost complete by the end of the week. Of course completely complete is another matter.

2 thoughts on “Waxoyl

  1. nellway

    Did you clean the interior yourself Malcom, or get one of the leather restoration/valeting companies to do it?

  2. malcolm Post author

    I just gave the interior a wipe with some autoglym leather cleaner. Easier doing it while it’s out of the car

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