The MOT Test

The day didn’t start too well. I’d filled the Aston with the same amount of petrol that would brim my Renault 4 from empty. And still we ran out just 3 miles down the road! We missed our slot at the MOT station and had to go back later.

The MOT was actually quite successful. I’d been in two minds whether we had a vacuum leak or whether the engine just needed a good run to bed in the valves. Turned out to be a vacuum leak from the rear servo, so the car failed on the rear brakes.

A couple of other issues cropped up – the fuel gauge doesn’t work, the front brakes pull to the right then to the left on light braking (something that’s developed since last week), a reversing light, and a window motor wired back to front – goes up when it should go down. Otherwise the car seems to work well.

I’ve got a worklist, so if this servo can arrive a little more quickly than the last one then there’s a chance of a completed project within a week. Which will be a good thing as there’s a long queue of Renaults waiting for their turn in the garage.

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