Some before and after photos.

I’ve been flipping through some photos from the start of the project (mostly to try and figure out where all the bits came from). It’s interesting to compare then and now:

Original sill rust

Sills repaired and painted

Original front arch

Front wheelarch with shiny bits

But who is going to see the underneath? Maybe just the MOT tester and the occasional unlucky pedestrian.

Interior to go in and then the project is finished. There are a whole load of things that I’m keen to finish at the moment. For crazy reasons of my own I’ve set a deadline of 4th July to finish everything. Work like mad until then, and have a break once everything is over and done with.

2 thoughts on “Some before and after photos.

  1. nellway

    “I’ve set a deadline of 4th July to finish everything.”

    Yoo-hoo, Malcolm, it’s 6th July….

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