More non-ROJ related resto work

Stephanie’s poor little Escort has certainly proved its worth over the years – and has taken a few knocks along the way.

Last year someone rolled an MX2 into the front wing, and then a few weeks ago a neanderthal in a van caved in her drivers door.

I’ve been meaning to fix the wing for ages. I bought an original Ford part and painted it up, but needed to get the Escort up to the farm to do the welding – and a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to do it.

bashed wing

I started by drilling out the welds with a spotweld cutter and a thin cutting disc on the angle grinder.

I had to cut the new wing to size as the cabriolet has a reinforced sill.

new wing welded on

Stephanie and Alicia toasting the new wing

Once the job was done, we drove up to Hebden Bridge to see Stephanie’s sister for a few days, and then on to Glasgow to see Angus. In all Stephanie clocked up over 1,000 miles!.

Next visit to the farm will definitely be to work on ROJ.

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