Greasy fingers at last

With the body and running gear back on ROJ, it’s time to get the engine sorted.

I took a flying visit up to the farm this week  to make a start  putting the  old engine back together. This is the original engine that Gary stripped down and assessed for me a little while ago.

There were some major problems – mosly resulting from where some fool had messed about with it in the past. The spare engine from the parts car looks to be in better shape and so we’ll be using that to start with.

Until such time  as we can take the original apart and rebuild it properly,  I aim to just loosely assemble it – learning as I go.

I really enjoyed my day and a half of rebuilding – the engine is actually a lot less complicated than I had imagined.

I only cleaned one piston as it took ages and I didn’t want to waste precious time. I’ll clean them all next time I strip the engine.

I’ve made another little video of the process and added it to YouTube.

One thought on “Greasy fingers at last

  1. malcolm

    It’s the specialists that like you to employ specialists to rebuild engines. I’d go at it yourself. Failing that there is an experienced and enthusiastic young fellow just started up in business He’ll not make a distinction in pricing between Aston Martin engines and Land Rover Engines apart from double the everything and the spares cost.

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