As tedious as an Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical

A whole week on the farm!!

How exciting should that have been.

It would have been if it hadn’t been the most boring part of the restoration… preparing the car for painting.

This involves: rubbing the car down, wiping over with de-greaser, painting with etch primer and then filling all the dents, wrinkles and holes. Then, sanding down the filler, de-greasing, priming, filling, rubbing down, de-gre…. you get the idea!

I dressed all the welds first, and used seam sealant on the inside. It was lovely having Stephanie with me to help.

CIMG0004 CIMG0010

I always enjoy seeing the projects the others are working on – Phil with his Japanese drifters and Steve, who was highly modifying this Nissan Skyline engine to put into his 1970’s Datsun 260Z. (Not the one in the background!)


Steve Grove engineer par-excellence

Steve Grove engineer par-excellence

I’ll be back up in a couple of weeks for more rubbing…

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