And Finally Painted!

It’s painted – the last major step. I’d been quite worried about how the paint was going to turn out, especially as the last metallic car I painted turned out rather badly. To be fair it was a Renault 4, and the main reason it looked bad was every panel had dents which reflected the light all over the place giving a rather uneven appearance. I ended up re-painting that car in a light solid colour.

Finally finished painting the sodding thing

It turns out 2 pack base coat and clear lacquer is a remarkably forgiving paint system. Much easier than cellulose. So long as the base coat isn’t sprayed too thickly it will smooth itself out and align the metallic flakes to give a smooth, consistent appearance. The lacquer goes on just like any ordinary solid colour paint.

I’m in three minds about the finish. The first is that it’s worked out better than the nasty respray the car had in the ’80s (and which still exists on the rest of the car). The second that I’ve not achieved an Aston Martin finish, and that feels disrespectful. The third is it’s probably on a par with the factory painted Mercedes parked outside the garage (not mine), so overall perhaps a good result for someone who claims not to be capable of spraying a metallic finish.

Although I’d like to know how Mercedes get the flies out of their paint. 🙂

2 thoughts on “And Finally Painted!

  1. malcolm Post author

    Hi Pascal,

    It wasn’t too bad for flies – I had one after the final lacquer coat, but the paint had mostly dried by the time it arrived so the footprints polished out.

    I think colour makes a difference – had a big problem with flies in the paint on my bright yellow Renault. Had to shut the garage door to keep them out, but that lost a lot of light.

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