An Aston Martin that works!

The brake servo arrived a little late last week.   A safety check at the weekend (making sure all the nuts and bolts were done up and that there was no petrol dribbling on the exhaust) and ready for a test drive.

I quite enjoyed driving the car up and down the driveway.   It’s similar to a 1970’s Rolls Royce in that everything feels smooth and nicely crafted, there’s a pleasant V8 burble, and next to no damping (even with the Koni’s on this car which I guess are set to comfort).   I found it a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

Right up until I tried to stop – at first the brakes needed more of a push than I’d expected, but they did improve a lot after a few trips down the drive.  They’ll need a little time to bed in but have got to the point where they’ll lock the wheels with a decent push, so they shouldn’t be a problem for the MOT.

The MOT garage (I’ve been going to Homan Tyre in Kempston for years and they are excellent) have a vacuum gauge that we can use to check for vacuum leaks.   A lack of vacuum would account for poor throttle pick up at low speed as well as under-assisted brakes.

MOT next week with luck.   First a good polish is in order.

it works!

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