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Rubbed out!

Not much to write about the work on ROJ on my latest trip to the farm – more filling, more rubbing – and soon to paint.

Had two great evenings out with Malcolm and Kaye at their converted pub, and a BBQ at Clive’s – just like old times.

A new member of the museum – Steve has bought this immaculate 1957 beetle

Beautiful beetle

Beautiful beetle

The boys have also rigged up a makeshift paintbooth.

pop-up paint booth

pop-up paint booth

Always time for a bit of R&R at the farm pond.

How big...?

How big. Phil…..?

Steve’s got the engine in the 260

Siney engine

Shiney engine


Very Sweet.

Amalfi drive test run

High on my list of things to do when ROJ is finished is to take a run down from Sorento to Amalfi… Well it was!

Last month was our 27th anniversary and Stephanie – who has long wanted to take me to see her old stamping ground of Naples, Sorento and the Isle of Capri – finally got her way. Even though ROJ was not ready.

So we did the run on a local bus.

You know something’s going to be hairy when the locals cross themselves before getting on board…..

Well, It was less like the opening sequence of the Italian Job and more like the closing sequence!

In a bus, one is higher up, therefore you can look down over the roadside fence, and straight down the 300 foot drop!

Looking back down at the road to ravello

Looking back down at the road to ravello

I would recommend it to anyone (as long as you’re not prone to bus sickness) It was exhilerating.It also made me seriously question whether we should inflict the route on a forty year old car – although the V8 would easily cope with the steep roads.

If we do take ROJ down there it would have to be out of season when the big tour coaches aren’t scaring the pants of everyone.

Stephanie was right to be enamoured with Sorento and Capri – it really is a beautiful part of Italy. We’ve both been visiting Italy since childhood, and I’ve noticed over the last few years that the Italians have become much calmer – and have even learned how to drive!* (*does NOT include Rome!)

I had been reluctant to visit Capri – and first impression was not good – but pretty soon, once we got past the glitz and posey people, the island really grew on me – If it was good enough for Tiberius to rule the empire from, then it was good enough for me.

Superb historic sites and spectacular (and very rugged) walks and scenery.

Stephanie at Villa Rufolo at Ravello

Stephanie at Villa Rufolo at Ravello


Glad to see plenty of these still around

Glad to see plenty of these still around

For an amateur archaeologist a day at Pompei is a must

For an amateur archaeologist, a day at Pompei is a must.

Whenever you see a celebrity on TV driving down to Amalfi – it’s often in a red Alfa Spider – this one to be precise. For hire to tourists who want to feel like Marcello Mastroianni or Sophia Loren.


Stylish hire

Stylish hire

Bucks fizz and breakfast in Sorento

 Breakfast and bucksfizz in Sorento.

The view with dinner in Capri

The view with dinner in Capri

We had our anniversary dinner at the Restaurant Brunella – with a stunning view of Capri town and harbour. Stephanie has become a ‘senior reviewer’ on trip advisor with the user name Stefaniaspina – her review of the Brunella is here:

More archaeology - Tiberius's Villa Jovus on Capri

More archaeology at Tiberius’s Villa Jovis

We stayed in a delightful little private hotel called the Canasta, overlooking the monastery and the sea, and also had dinner at a restaurant proclaiming ‘James Bond Views’ – although Capri has never been a James Bond location.

A superb location though to spend one’s anniversary.

I tried in vain to get a photo of this lovely old Capri Taxi

 After three days of peace and quiet on Capri – Naples was a real shock to the senses. A messy, bustling, typically Italian city. With a view to die for – quite literally when Vesuvius blows its top again!

A view to die for

A view to die for