Monthly Archives: September 2013

Machine Mart fails again

That title is probably a little unfair as I’ve had some good tools and service from Machine Mart – but it’s their consistency of quality and service that’s a bit shaky. On the plus side they’re relatively cheap – but buying cheap often means buying twice!

A little while ago I bought a 3 tonne quick lift jack – and for a couple of years it worked perfectly, then suddenly it didn’t. I consulted MM and was advised to top up the oil and pump out air bubbles That was £4.99.

It didn’t work, so another call to MM, who suggested I should change the O rings – £12.

They arrived, and i discovered I could not actually open the jack to change them.

I phoned Clarke service department. To book in the jack would cost £54 – the cost of a new jack is £53.99!

I now know the meaning of the expression ‘Jack Shit’ and am off to buy another jack from someone other than Machine Mart