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Aphids the size of seagulls!

Tomorrow is the Centennial celebration for Aston Martin in Kensington Gardens – and I am as excitied as a 10 yrar old – basically because I’m sick of the sight of ROJ in it’s current state and am looking forward to seeing Astons with wheels, engines, paint etc etc!

Such is my excitment that I spent 5 hours yesterday cleaning and polishing the Ford for our motoring holiday to Yorkshire.

It was gleaming.

Until I went out this morning to find the aphids in the trees above had spent all night defecating all over it – I was livid, and have jsst spent another two hours washing it again.

I am having far too many Victor Meldrew types moments than i care for just now.

Landmines, lobbyists and lack of understanding

Last night Parliament withdrew the passes of over 80 All Party Parliamentary Group co-ordinators because some of them could be lobbying for big business.

This was no surprise as the often quoted joke that Parliament  is the largest concentration of criminal minds in the country, and that it is the largest school playground in the country are not without a certain amount of truth.

Frustratingly, I am being tarred with the same brush as those that lobby for the likes of the tobacco industry and have had my pass withdrawn too.

For the past two years I have been lobbying on behalf of the humanitarian landmine clearance organisations. I have the full support of three government departments, four major NGOs and the United Nations.

The government is also calling for the creation of a statutory register of lobbyists – I am already a member of the UK Public Affairs Council – which is a voluntary register, and means that everything I do is open to public scrutiny

No parliamentarian and no businessmen have recieved any financial benefit from what I’ve been doing. Withdrawing all passes is a knee-jerk reaction that will do little to stop the unscrupulous, but will make life difficult for those of us who lobby for humanitarian causes.

Losing my pass won’t stop what I’m doing, but it adds another layer of tedium and red tape. Leaving me less time for car restoration.

In twitter speak I am @notbloodyhappy.

Resto work, but not on ROJ…

Work is keeping me well away from Bedford – but all the bashes in Stephanie’s little Ford have kept me busy – we popped down to Folkstone last week for a replacement bonnet and driver’s door.

Annoyingly the door is full of rust and unusable, so I’ve tracked down another in South London. Will collect that tomorrow, and then go up to the farm next week to weld on the new wing.