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More Scandinavian sagas

Stephanie and I always try to spend our wedding anniversary somewhere interesting.. This year it was in a floating hotel in Stockholm.

The Mälardrottningen Yacht Hotel was certainly different – and great fun. Very friendly service, comfortable cabins and the best flushing toilets in the world!

My Father was very fond of Stockholm – and I understand why. Spread rather untidily over a number of islands – half in the sea and half in Lake Malar – Stockholm can be quite awkward to get around – but that just adds to its charm.

On our anniversary we had lunch in an absolutely superb restaurant. Set in lovely surroundings. The food was sublime, and the service more than excellent. I recommend anyone visiting Stockholm to take their Aston Martin out and stop to eat at the Djurgardsbrunn Restaurant.

Another fun place to eat is Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant. Again the food and service were terrific – it was most entertaining watching our fellow diners attack the buffet like a hoard of Thompsons tourists at an all inclusive!

Over 7 days we got in a lot of sightseeing, boat trips, art galleries and museums.

The Nobel Museum was particularly poignant. In 1997 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines – both MAG and Handicap International were co-laureates.

With large swathes of Stockholm being rather wet, we got to ride on and see plenty of boats – and if there’s one thing I like as much as cars, it’s boats…

This was the steam ferry we took out to Waxholm.

The rather gruesome fish-heads were nailed to the door of a boathouse. Can anyone name the species?

And so to metal…

The Swedes just love their American classics.

I tried to get Stephanie to hire this for the day – unsuccessfully!

….and finally, one for Steve.

Words of wisdom

A little advice. Stockholm is very expensive so if the weather is fine, buy a coffee and pastry from the local Pressbyran – special offer SEK 28 – and drink it on a bench overlooking the harbour.

Also, if you use an SL card to get around on public transport, make a note of the number on it,  so that if you should lose it you can get a refund. And guess who didn’t…