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ROJ Rolled!

With Parliament in recess, and Stephanie with her sister Alicia in Yorkshire, it seemed an ideal opportunity to spend a week on the farm and get some major work done on ROJ.

The front panel needed riveting to the chassis – and each hole had to be drilled out first – that’s nearly 200 rivet holes I’ve now drilled in this car. 

Once that was done, I had to cut and shape the repair sections to fit. Not a job for the faint hearted

While I was doing this Phil and his friend Steve were working on yet another project car – turning a very boring Vauxhall rep-mobile into a flashy Nascar racer with a sweet sounding exhaust!

Phil masks up the yawn-mobile for painting.

...and this is the result - still not quite finished.

One thing I’ve noticed since Phil moved onto the farm, and that’s a better class of vehicle coming to visit…

Pretty car with pretty driver...

Pretty car with, er, Steve

Farwell to a Pretty but Petulant Princess 

On Sunday we finally bade farewell to our little VDP Princess. I was  planning to finish restoring it after ROJ was finished, and i hated to see her go, but I also had to be realistic.

This was the little car we went on family holidays to Cornwall in when Angus was a child. We showed it at Alexandra Palace in the London Classic Car Show – and we won ‘first in class’ at the Gosport Classic Car Rally.

At least it has gone to someone who will do a far better job of restoring it than I.

Sad little Princess

Proud little Princess

Bye-bye Princess

To Business

Instead of boring old photos of ROJ – I’ve made a boring old video..

There’s a problem with the sound, it makes me sound like Terry Thomas! I don’t think Mark Evans need worry about the competition!

And finally, with Phil and Gary’s help, we jacked the car off the axle stands, and even pushed it forward a whole two inches!

It's on its wheels at last!!

And so the long hard slog of prepping the body work and painting it lies ahead – but first I’ve got to get the doors to fit….