Monthly Archives: March 2013

£75,000 raised to combat landmines

Last night Stephanie and I attended a gala dinner at Old Billingsgate in the city to raise funds for landmines charity Find a Better Way. Guest speaker was BBC’s Stuart Hughes, entertainment was provided by Russell Watson, and Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Alex Ferguson and half the Man U team were among the guests. Over £75k was raised through an auction of various footie related items and trips to the Caribbean.

I had to rely on my new French friend to explain the football jokes…..

Fun with a stick of Lumiweld

I have been looking forward to getting the body back onto ROJ for a long time, and with the help of Young Phil’s friend Johnny, we lifted the front end on at last.

Before fitting the front I had a small repair job to do. One of the drain pipes in the bonnet gutter had broken off. I was keen to try the Lumiweld system to repair it, but decided I needed some practice first.

Using the old bent clip from the barn car, and using a pipe I made from a piece of old wheel arch liner I had a go. I used a steel bolt to hold the pipe in place.

I first needed to tin both the end of the pipe and the main structure – and then using as much heat as I could manage on one of the coldest days of the year, fed the Lumiweld rod into the join.

It took some time, but I eventually did it, and then did the real repair. and on went the front end.

And so ROJ now looks like an Aston Martin again.

So what next? Well I need to dress all the panels before Malcolm TIG welds them together. I need to take the aircon radiator back to the company that pressure tested it because the connection pipe has come off, and I need to spanner up all the bolts on the running gear before lowering the car off the axle stands.

No mines in East Angia

On the day Prince Harry was announced as the new Patron of the HALO Trust I was clearing landmines in Cambridgeshire… well, make believe mines.

I was visiting ARMTRAC who make demining vehicles and robots – and they let me play with one of their toys!

The company manufactures armoured vehicles which are used by demining agencies around the world. A real UK export success story.

Seeing the engineers welding armour plate made me feel very inadequate in the welding department!