Monthly Archives: January 2013

A nervous wreck….

The answer to the question “what sits on the bottom of the sea and quivers?”

The thought this week as I was begining to fit the wiring loom was that ROJ was finally getting a nervous system., He just needs his big pumping V8 heart and he’ll be a car again instead of a barn wreck.

Stupidly, I forgot to charge up my camera before going up to the farm, so my photos only show part of the work I got done – Mainly getting all the new aluminium  sections fettled to fit around the side air intakes, putting new sound proofing on the inner sections under the wings and preparing the new aluminium wheel-arch stoneguard liners..

Originally these liners were held on with 2BA bolts into rivnuts.

As 2BA rivnuts are hard to get, and even harder to fit, I am going to use a more modern alternative – No 14 hex head screws.

When I put the radiator in I hadn’t fitted the side bars and rubber seals. To fit them I had to take out the radiator again… usual story! But they’re in now, and the radiator is back in. I am now quietly confident that the engine bay will be finished at my next trip to the farm.

I was bemused to find that AM stamped the chassis number onto the mesh stoneguard – which meant I had to restore the old ones instead of using the better condition ones from the donor car.

The best bit about this week was that I didn’t waste any time – all the jobs I did on the car went well, and I achieved exactly what I had planned to. If I carry on like that I may just finish the car before I retire! Roll on next month.