Monthly Archives: September 2012

Mayhem and Destruction.

Screwdriver – damn, head’s ripped.

Socket & ratchet – damn, rusted nuts.

Drill – damn, hard work.

Angle grinder –  Oh yes!!! Sparks galour.

I have an imperative to strip the wreck in the barn. I need more parts off it, I have a number of people waiting for parts off it, and I need to clear the space.

But by God it’s hard work, it’s messy and it’s frustrating – and it takes an age. I would far rather be spending my time creating than destroying.

New Arrivals

Two new arrivals on the farm are Phil’s very sharp BMW, I did enjoy being collected from the station in it.

No photos as the blog software seems to be malfunctioning!

The other is a cat called Harry – so called because he’s ginger and a bit of a tom! I was not impressed by finding him at the foot of the bed one morning licking the bits that his namesake so famously flaunted at the billards table!