Monthly Archives: August 2012

And so to blog

August has been been a good month so far.

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit some friends in the West Country. Martin is a fellow petrol head with a serious collection of metal and a shed that makes the barn look positively uncluttered!

His Series 2 LandRover made me go quite weak at the knees.

Even Stephanie was impressed.

It made me think that if I’d picked a Land Rover to restore instead of the Aston, I might have finished years ago!

On the farm

I took last week off work to have a real blitz on getting the final few parts off the scrap Aston that i need for ROJ – it was damn hard work as nuts and bolts were so rusted in that i had to use the angle grinder a lot – and where i could get to places with the grinder – the dremel had to do… I was knackered by the time I got home.

I did get a couple of things onto ROJ though.

The electric horns. Beep Beep!

The horns on the scrap car came off,

I cleaned them up and painted them,

and fitted them to ROJ.

I also spent a sticky few days unravelling the wiring loom and splicing in new wiring – it’s not quite finished, I need to get some new ignition wiring, and a whole box full of new connectors.

On Saturday Phil suggested popping over to Newport Pagnell to see the new Aston Martin showroom. I was rather keen on trying the Rapide for size, but the salesman thought he had something more suitable….

The AM sales team were all very jolly, and it’s great to see the company keep a Newport Pagnell presence. I shall pop ROJ along when it’s finished for a photo outside its birthplace.