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Cecil B De Car-Restorer

Well dear reader I have just spent a whole 5 days on the farm, plenty of time to make a complete cock-up and then rectify it.

And to top it off I’m giving you a treat.

In the past i have given you words and pictures – well, at the end of this post will be something extra – Moving pictures with narration!

Work is very quiet over summer, so it’s a chance to get some big jobs done on ROJ. I’ve just spent last week fitting the aircon system. The beautiful ABS repairs all had to come off and be re-done. To get the box into the car I had to drop the steering column, and then battled to get it back up with the aircon in place. But after plenty of hefty swearing, it all slipped nicely into place.

I fabricated a steel bracket to support the vacuum pump and rivetted that on, then my cheapie Machine Mart rivetter  jammed, so I had to take that apart and fix it.

Because they had cut out the roof for the ejector seat scene in the Barclaycard advert, they had also cut through the light brackets, so I made some new ones and fitted those


So is that it? I hear you cry. Well almost.

The tangled horror that is the wiring loom has been leering at me for some time now, so I decided to tackle it.

I’ve actually got three looms – one from ABW the original that became racing car, one from ROJ and one from my donor car. Each one had some thing different – and the donor car had a large section burnt out.

I took the best one (which was off ABW and laid it out on the floor of the barn and after undoing all the knots, compared it to the wiring chart in the manual I was able to label most of the branches, and work out where to splice in the additional wires for sunroof, repeaters etc.

It sort of reminded me of first year zoology when i had to remove and display the nervous system of Rattus Norvegicus.

The loom comes in two parts, with the rear loom connecting up within the driver’s footwell. So as that was the easiest bit, I cleaned it up and put it onto ROJ – next time I will  take a photo.

It was quite quiet on the farm with Phil and Gary being away, but Malcolm’s delightful French girlfriend Kay was there for most of the time – and her cooking is far better than either Malcolm’s or mine…!

I shall be up again in a couple of weeks to finish the wiring – and then the body goes on! At this rate I may have a usable car before i become incapable of using it!

And now, may I present my theatrical masterpiece.

My first restoration video