Monthly Archives: June 2012

Cool inside….

It is certainly worth taking a three day weekend, I can get far more done.

I finished refurbing the blower plenum chambers. I used a bit of filler and plenty of paint to disguise my rather shoddy welding.

According to the workshop manual ROJ was the very first V8 to be fitted with the Coolaire Mk11 – and it’s a complicated old system – with the vent flaps in the boxes being controlled by vacuum pipes..

The electrics also look like a nightmare to figure out – hopefully someone on the AMOC forum might tell me where the wiring goes.

It also looks as if something on the circuit board has burnt out – I’ve got two other earlier Coolaire systems so I ma be able to swap over the board.

Where the plenum chambers fit onto the condensor box the plastic is fragile and broken, so I used a piece of ABS plastic and with a heat gun, folded the plastic into a box shape, which i will then cut and splice into the main box.

I also used pieces of ABS to make the replacement flanges that had broken off the plenum covers.

I both glued and rivetted the tabs in place.

At the end of today this is how far I had got – not much to do before fitting it into the car.

…. cool outside

When the Datsun 240 went off to the undertaker, he left his pyjamas behind, so ROJ looks much cooler in them that he did under a plastic sheet…

And the others?

There are no new arrivals in the barn museum – but young Phil has sold his Figaro and is proceeding to spend the profits on his Pulsar – here he is looking particularly pleased with his performance enhanced cylinder head.

Closer to home

Travelling the world as we do, we meet a great number of fascinating and wonderful people, and we see and learn about equally fascinating places. However that doesn’t mean that there are not beautiful places to visit here in the UK – or that the people are not interesting and friendly too.

This half term we took ourselves off for a real rest in a little cottage in the Shropshire Hills. No internet and no mobile phone signal – perfect!

Shropshire is really one of the most attractive and charming of counties. Years ago when I worked for the PM’s Rural Advocate I aways enjoyed our trips to the West Midlands.

In the space of a week (despite the rain…) Stephanie and I walked through some stunning  scenery, saw some historic  and archaelogical sites, drunk in some lovely old pubs, and had cream teas with some very welcoming locals.

We stayed in a small cottage in Ditton Priors that was decorated in a style that immediately made us feel at home.

Indonesian masks, african spears and a bommerang!

Even Stephanie’s little car felt at home…

The Jubilee celebration crowds outside our bedroom window were pretty well behaved.

The weather made for very disappointing classic car spotting – just a three-wheeler Lomax in the local village.

On the last day I went for a nice long ride overlooking Ludlow Castle and began contemplating spending a lot more time up there – we would certainly recommend the cotage we stayed in – called the Granary,

Tomorrow it’s back to work to build up some stress to take out on ROJ…