Monthly Archives: May 2012

Astons at the back door.

My weekend on the farm didn’t happen, but I’ve discovered an added bonus to living in Dulwich just 15 mins walk up the hill.

It was a lovely sunny Sunday so we packed a picnic and went to watch some superb machines burble around the park. Including an AM DBS V8, so I had to go and have a chat.

As spartan as ROJ

Such good fun, I think we should enter a team for next year (Malcolm, Gary???)

I’ve cracked it…!

Now I know all you regular readers will be thinking “what’s the fool broken now?” But not so. I have actually cracked how the sunroof works. I had a couple of eureka moments, put it together and, wahey, a fully functional sunroof.

I am particular pleased because there is nothing about it   in the service manual, and although it’s supposedly a Mercedes part, nothing on the internet about it at all.

All in all a productive weekend on the farm and a good way to spend my birthday!

The old and new sunroof frames

Using a mole grip to wind it open and shut.

Back on the car

Hatches battened down

The next job will be the aircon unit followed by the wiring..

FIGAROtively speaking….

Phil’s little Japanese classic is finished and looking gorgeous. Sadly he wants to sell it to fund a rather serious upgrade of his Nissan Pulsar. Annoyingly my camera ran out of battery before i could get a photo of it.