Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Year Resolution

….Stress out less!

On Thursday 26th January 2012 I will be launching the new All Party Parliamentary Group on Landmines and Unexploded Weapons of Conflict in the House of Commons.

It has taken me six months solid work to put the group together, I have got Ministerial support, a technical advisor from The MoD and interest from humanitarian agencies and commercial operators alike.

My guest speaker for the launch event is Giles Duley

The War photographer who became a victim himself of a land mine in Afghanistan last year.

It’s been incredibly rewarding work – but I am now exhausted and in dire need of visiting the mechanical psychiatrist.

Perhaps in February I can take some time off and get up to the farm.

Christmas surprise

Poor Angus was supposed to be running a ski chalet for the season – but the day before the first guests were due to arrive he fell over on the ice and broke his ankle. So on Christmas eve we were at Gatwick to collect him – in plaster. Hopefully after the plaster comes off he will be back out to the alps, and I might get a few days skiing in too.