Monthly Archives: December 2011

Feeling one’s age

I’ve come to realise that owning an old car is like sex….

When you’re young it’s all throaty roars and squeals of delight,

and when you’re old is all slow starts, grunts, groans and grinds and mutterings of mild frustration, with lots of coughing and wheezing, until you come to a shuddering halt.

Who needs Emmerdale…

When we’ve got Petrolhead Farm!

Every time I go up to the farm it’s like an episode of a vehicular soap opera.

There are the old regular characters like the Renaults, Alfa and Aston. The comedy character of the old Renault 4, the solid old character of the Ford Mondeo, – and the chronic hyperchondriac of the AMV8.

Then there are the regular but infrequent characters such as the Rochdale and the Davrion, and  there are the characters which appear for one or two episodes and then get written out of the script – like the Datsun 240Z, Toyota Hilux and Nissan 200.

This trip I arrived to find Malcom and Phil peering into the engine bay of a very glam looking Peugeot 406.

It seems that Phil sold the Nissan 200 that worked only for his old Peugeot to die on him…

….so Phil and Malcolm went off to buy Phil a new car. …Are you keeping up with this?

After trawling the country for a suitable vehicle it appears that instead of Phil buying a new car, Malcolm saw the 406 and decided he would like a new car, so bought it.

Phil then took Malcolms Renault Clio – which worked, and Phil was happy.

But then things took a horrible turn for the worse – the Pug 406 broke!

So Malcolm now has another car to fix…Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

Fabricating weekend

I was really pleased with the progress I made over the weekend. Putting the sunroof together has been like an episode of CSI, lots of forensic investigation of rusty bits of metal.

Some of the brackets were saveable,

While others are too far gone, and I’ve had to fabricate  replacements.

While in fabricating mode I decided to sort out the rusty plenum chamber instructions as follows:

1) cut out the rust;

2) Go to Sainsbury’s, buy Dr Oetker Pizza Supreme, cook and eat pizza and use box to make template for hole;

3)use template to cut piece of steel;

4) weld in (job for next visit).