Monthly Archives: November 2011

Is it on?… Is it heck!

No, I didn’t get the sunroof on. Primarily because I spent half my weekend doing a job I have done far too often on ROJ, and one that I truely loathe. I had to drill out another broken bolt in one of the corner brackets of the box.

But the roof is ready to put together now.

This morning, before leaving the farm, I quickly rivetted the brackets on:

Being a Mercedes part, the sun roof is all in metric – luckily I do have a metric tap and die set.

I also thought that before I put the mechanism back together I would check it over and make sure it’s all lubricated.

Of course no trip to the farm would be complete without admiring a new addition to the museum – this one’s a plastic bodied R$ that Malcolm bought on his last trip to France.

ROJ Related report….

Hooray I hear you cry… At last a blog about the car.

Here I am at the farm, doing exactly what I had planned to do – getting the sunroof mechanism sorted… sort of.

The main problem is that the old sunroof box was steel and the new is aluminium. Where the motor, switches etc are attached there are captive nuts welded to the steel. I was going to measure up and drill the holes before Gary came up with a solution.

I cut the whole panel off the old box, and will rivet it to the new.

And that’s a job for tomorrow.