Monthly Archives: September 2011

Let the sun shine in….

It has been such a busy few months, setting up a new company is harder work than it looks!

It’s also been great fun. I’m setting up an All Party Parliamentary Group in support of the humanitarian landmine clearance agencies, and there is a real political appetite for it, but rounding up the requisite number of members involves scheduling and rescheduling meetings over and over. It was great at the Party Conference last week, I managed to get three MPs to sign up on the spot.

I still haven’t sold my mother’s house, and that’s an annoyance, I need my weekends for the car.

Saying that, I did get up to the Farm a week or so ago. Using an old hotel maid’s trolley and some foam pipe-lagging I’ve made a very useful painting trolley, I’ve now primed all my new aluminium panels.

The rest of the time I spent taking apart the old rusty sun-roof to try and work out how it works. My new one needs to be drilled out and assembled, and I think I now know how to do that.

Finally I had such a lovely send off when I left the farm. The farmer’s grubby little grand-daughter gave me such a sweet wave I had a smile on my face all the way home.