Monthly Archives: August 2011

Time Gentlemen…..

Time’s almost up after a week on the farm.

It’s been quite fun with a full house with Robert over from Barcelona to take his Rochdale to a show.

Malcolm’s been beavering away on his Renault 5.. Yes – five. He’s gone all modern!

I took my aircon radiators to be pressure tested – and thankfully they passed. I also fitted my new radiator – but it’s not that new

London hasn’t had 01 numbers for 20 years!

Looks good in the car though.

I’ve also been working on some of the bodywork. Rubbing it down and priming the inside before we fit it to the chassis.

There is some corrosion on the rear panel so I’ve fabricated a new piece to weld in.

And finally, I’ve primed a whole lot of smaller panels and pieces to fit to the car, and today I started working out how the sunroof goes back together.

It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re focussed and busy.

Lastly – a new addition to the Farm Museum – a Nissan 200 belonging to Young Phil…


Blogging live from the farm….

Common sense has finally won the day and Gary and Malcolm have persuaded me to use the spare engine instead of the original.

It’s in much better condition and means that we’ll have it in the car a lot faster – and cheaper!

On the frustrating side, alzheimer’s must be setting in. I cannot find one plenum chamber and two wheel arch protectors.. It’s not as if they are particularly small either!