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Scandinavian Saga

Last week was our wedding anniversary so we decided on a romantic trip to Copenhagen, with a three day excursion to Malmo and Ystad in Sweden.  The last time I was in Copenhagen was nearly 50 years ago (frightening thought!)

We stayed at a great little hotel overlooking the Nyhavn canal almost opposite Hans Christian Andersen’s house.

I have never seen so many classic cars out on the roads as we did on this trip, and most of them spotted right outside our hotel – here are a few but annoyingly are all out of order:

Ford in Ystad

DKW in Copenhagen

Next in the queue at Heathrow.

A couple of classic bikes

Pontiac in Copenhagen

Hippy bus at the Distortion concert

Two British brutes outside the Aldi supermarket

Dodge Charger


Tram in Malmo

I was very disappointed in Sweden, I’ve seen more classic Saabs and Volvos in the UK.

This galvanized 2CV parked outside the hotel got much attention

Old merc outside the hotel.

One for Angus – an old pushbike.

Hippy van in the hippy commune of Christania

Copenhagen Caddy

This is the thinnest building in Copenhagen, and reminded me of the narrow buildings in Vietnam.

Tesla – my friend William McDonough will be pleased…

No idea what this little car in Ystadt is

One of the few Volvos spotted in Seden – in an art installation!

I just loved that big rear end!