Monthly Archives: May 2011

Little boy’s dream!

Forty years ago I fell in love with a car.

At the the time I didn’t know what colour it was because we had a black and white TV.

The programme it appeared in had such an influence on me, that I used to walk around Hong Kong (at 14) wearing a blazer and cravat (I must have looked a right pillock!).

This is the car at the time…

A DBS (badged as a DBSV8 for the programme) driven by Roger Moore in The Persuaders.

And this is the car today – with me at the wheel!

This was at the Aston Martin Owner’s Club Spring Concours at Althorp park today, it was a really Grand Day Out!

To top it all there were three Bond Beauties in attendence – here I am with four of them!

Valerie Leon featured in The Spy Who Loved Me, Never Say Never Again and The Persuaders. Caron Gardner in Goldfinger and The Saint, Stephanie is the Star of My Life and Caroline Munro was the villainous helicopter pilot in the Spy Who Loved Me.

I still have a huge smile on my face!

Snigger, snigger

I feel like a school boy who’s just learnt another rude word…

That’s the thing about hanging around with engineers – my vocabulary grows with every trip to the farm.. Today’s new word is “Plenum”.

For the past five years I’ve always thought of the boxes that house the airconditioning fans as “the boxes that hold the airconditioning fans”. But no. They are actually called Plenum Chambers. And this weekend I welded up the rust holes in one of them.

Rusty bit almost chopped out

shiny new bit welded in

Now it’s been over a year since I last used my welder, so I ended up by a) blowing more holes than there had been rust, and b) forgetting the rule that when using a flap disc to tidy up the welds, not to be too vigorous or one must do them all over again.

Still I enjoyed my afternoon of welding holes, blowing holes, welding holes, grinding holes, welding holes etc,etc,etc.

The plastic box that holds the condensor is so old and crumbly that instead of trying to patch it up I’m just going to fabricate two new end pieces – once the aircon is in, I can finish packing the engine bay, and work out what else needs to go in behind the dash-board.

Condenser box offered up.

Meanwhile back at home – our dreadlocked carpenters have finished ripping out and replacing the rotton window frame and tomorrow start on the decking (at last).