Monthly Archives: February 2011

Something sinister in the Facebook system!

I’m in Yorkshire for a few days recuperating from my second eye operation. I’be got plenty of time to think about, and plan my next car restoration tasks.

First up is to hire a trailer and take Stephanie’s little Vanden Plas 1300 from my Mother’s garage up to the farm to join ROJ. I’ll also be taking my mig-welder and other tools so everything car related is in one place.

On ROJ I need to carry on with the aircon and ensure the engine bay is ready for the engine later this year.

In between all this car-type thinking, I’ve been out and about with Stephanie and Alicia – today we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the David Nash Exhibition – I would love one of his pieces.

Last night we went to see Mark Thomas at the theatre in Huddersfield talking about his walk around the West Bank wall – very clever and funny, but also very near the mark. What was very scary is that Facebook would not allow me to post a comment saying we’d been to the show.

I find that very sinister indeed!

My eye will be taped up for another week and then at the end of March I should get new glasses and be able to see what I;m doing on ROJ. Can’t wait.

Therapy session #1,342

After theĀ  emotional strain of the past few weeks it was a great relief to get up to the farm this weekend and get stuck in to ROJ with a spanner.

I spent Saturday taking off the newly installed, but too short fuel line, and replaced it with one that was reassuringly too long.

Today I tackled putting the air-conditioning back together. This needs to go in before the engine and dashboard, so quite an important bit of work. The tourble is that the condensor casing is made of rather brittle 40 year old plastic – so I’ve had to reinforce it in places before I could rivet it together – I’m rather tickled by the fact that part of my Aston Martin was once the lid of a Walls ice-cream carton!