Monthly Archives: December 2010

Not a total waste – but almost

Yesterday’s setback really was just that. It meant I couldn’t get on with what I wanted to do today, so I ended up pottering and doing a few odd jobs on the car, nothing exciting enough to write about.

What is exciting is the newcomer to the barn. A moss encrusted Gilbern. Powered by a Ford V6 engine, and made of fibre glass, it’ll go like brown stuff off a shovel when it’s been done up.


Gilbern in the barn

Gilbern interior

Complete with orignal eight-track!

It’s Friday night and I’m on the farm

One last fling with ROJ before Christmas!

Had lunch at the House of Commons today – not sure how I ended up on the top table with Host Mark field MP, and Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce – our rather scurulous but highly entertaining guest speaker.

Luckily I had the vivacious Sarah Hanratty and Gavin Ellwood to talk to over the Turkey and frankly ballistic brussels sprouts.

Over drinks I chatted to Lionel Zetter of Political Companion fame and found he was a fellow member of the AMOC… A petrol head will always find another.