Monthly Archives: September 2010

Precision engineering gaffer tape.

Had a fun weekend on the farm.

I’m still on notice by the doctors to take things easy – so just did a few light jobs on the Aston. Sorted out the rear view mirror mount – which is the most complicated rear-view mirror mount of any car!

I also had a glimpse into Malcolm’s world when we went for a spin in his newly built Gordini Renault 4. “I want to check where the wind noise is coming from” he said. So with roll of gaffer tape in hand we headed off for the M1. Malcolm taped up various bits of window seal and door seal and then bombed up and down the motorway, stopping every few miles to remove or replace bits of tape until he had isolated the main source of noise. “So you do this with Astons and Bentleys?” I asked. “Yup.” he said….

Even more exciting is that the Aston’s engine is now dismantled and I have a report on all the bits that need fettling and replacing before we put it all back together again.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge

I’m in the process of having my eyeballs repaired one by one…

They did the right eye last week, and the left one they’ll do in a couple of months. Meanwhile I’m writing this with one eye closed. Sadly the repair is only for the painful abrasions I’ve been having and won’t drastically improve my vision.

I’m off work and bored. And not even allowed to play with my car. Although no-one told me I couldn’t look at old cars, so went to the Gosport classic car rally on Bank Holiday Monday.

Looking forward to getting back to ROJ in a week or so.