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Aston assembly interrupted by alcohol

Not much got added to the car this weekend – Not just because we had a very good party on Saturday night, although I did feel a little fragile on Sunday. I spent most of the time sorting out the oil filtration and cooling system.  Undoing the connections without damaging anything was the hardest  part. Cleaned the pipes and filter holder in the parts washer, stripped off rust and old paint and prepared it for painting blue next time..

Filter holder

Now shiney

The parts catalogue actually stipulates the drive plate is black – well mine wasn’t. It was a very fetching rusty colour. So with sander and then fine grit flap wheel I made it nice and shiney, and then painted it black.

rusty drive plate

From this… to this….

Back to black

I was very pleased with my ebay purchase of the shelf unit to put all the engine bits on as they come off the engine.

Rejuvinated engine mounts

Rejuvinated engine mounts too…

The good news is that on initial inspection the engine doesn’t appear to be in particularly bad shape. I’ve got a preliminary report that sounds promising – and some more photos to come. Here are the ones I took.


The carbs will need cleaning and setting.

Clean engine

Not so clean inside

The other job I had planned was to drill out 3 broken bolts in the engine mounting points – a thoroughly boring job, and when i broke my last 4mm cobalt bit I decided to do something more fun – so i put in the drivers’ seat. This is so my guests at the BBQ in a couple of weeks time can sit in it and make brum brum noises….

Comfy seat

It’s very exciting as ROJ is beginning to look more like a car again.

My name is ROJ