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Beware of Greeks bearing proverbs

Old Greek proverb: Civilisation is when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

At the speed I’m going ROJ will be a car i may never ride in….

Sophocles (496 – 406 BC), in Ajax:

Nought from the Greeks towards me hath sped well.
So now I find that ancient proverb true,
Foes’ gifts are no gifts: profit bring they none.

…personally, I’ve always found the Greeks both generous and charming.

Monocular Motor Mechanics.

I was in two minds about going up the farm this weekend – the old eyeball is still giving me grief.

Glad I did though – not least because we had the bonfire and fireworks that we missed on fireworks night.. with Chris the fireman in charge of the matches. I think we would have been safer giving them to Elliot!!!

It was also Sue from Malawi’s birthday – so a large (very) cake made an excellent post BBQ dessert.

Typical Aston Martin over engineering

I have been missing one of the pipes leading to the airfilter on ROJ – a simple piece of corrugated plastic tube, similar to stuff I keeping seeing contracters laying at roadworks:

Air filter pipe

But do you think I could find some the right diameter… so I bit the bullet and paid an exhorbitant amount to Aston Martin parts for a piece – and this is what arrived:


I know Aston Martin have diversified into clothing – but I didn’t know they now knitted their spare parts!

It does look very nice fitted

AM knitwear

I installed some nice new airfilters:

new air filters

…and put the whole blasted assembly back together again.

If anyone were to ask my advice about which car to restore  – and to date no-one has – I would tell them to find one that is far batter packaged than the Aston. The V8 has everything inaccesible. Look at where the ignition control box is – and the blue relay thingy that I’ve yet-to-work-out-what-it-does.

Left sideright side

Very tight packaging!

The new brake hoses (also very expensive from Aston Martin) look nice but were also a bugger to fit.

new brake hose

As I move onto the electrics, and air con I can see the fiddly-ness is just going to get worse.

Bacon Butties and Bond Buggies

It was a real bore being off work with a sore eye last week – and it’s also a bore being back at work… Never mind, there are a couple of interesting things are on the horizon before the election.

Last weekend my friend David took pity on my stir-crazy condition and took me up to Birmingham to the Classic Car Show. Fantastic. I just love seeing interesting and unusual cars I’ve not seen before – like an original single headlamp Citreon 2CV. And all the wierd little micro cars.

I also got to play with (well, sit in) another James Bond toy.


David’s wife Amanda makes cracking bacon sandwiches…..