Monthly Archives: August 2009

Hit the brakes!!

As the pressure mounts in the office, weekends at the farm are more eagerly anticipated. It does seem strange that my way of relaxing entails working even harder than I do in my professional job… and that’s saying something.

This weekend I finished putting together the stub axles and brake mountings, packed the bearings with LM grease and tightened up the axle nuts on the hubs.

brake mounts blog

stub axle blog

After that I rubbed down and repainted the rather scabby looking expansion tank and also the headlight cowls.

headlamp cowl rough 2 blog

headlamp cowl 2 painted blog

Unfortunately I didn’t have any siver paint – so will have to finish the lens holder next time.

cowl 1 painted blog

I then got stuck into the really fun job…

Making and fitting the brake pipes. I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped as it was a very fiddly job, particularly fitting the stop light switch,

brakelight switch blog

and getting just the right bend in the pipe coming out of the servo as space was incredibly tight…. But what I managed to do looks really good.

left servo blog

right blog