Monthly Archives: July 2009

ROJ and Roll!!!

Yes at last. After over three years the wheels are finally back on ROJ….

…..for now.

I’ll have to take the front ones off again to fit the brakes.

It is a real boost to actually get the axles and steering fitted, it turns ROJ back into a car instead of a big Meccano set.Wheels!

Steering fittedJust needs brakes

It was a great weekend – I took Sunday morning off working on the car to accompany Malcolm on a local classic car run. A sort of treasure hunt round the Bedfordshire countryside – 30 odd classic cars.

two ends of the spectrum

This Singer was immaculate.

superb singer

The great thing about Engine-Oil Abbey is that there is always something interesting turning up – like this Rover engine racer.

Rover racer

Next month I’ll get the brakes sorted – and then the fun of untangling the wirking loom!

Poser’s plates..

Caught a programme on Channel 4 on friday evening – about personalised number plates. Two sorry looking characters called Nigel – one with a plate N2GEL on a boring looking Merc, the other with N1GEL on a yellow Lambo.

Never having really appreciated being called Nigel – the last thing I would want is it on my car. ROJ 7 M just fits my car so much better…..

…as does Stephanie’s P19 MMM – which if we ever sell will be advertised in Pig Farmer’s weekly!

Looking forward to next weekend – a four day weekend on the farm….