Monthly Archives: April 2009

So little time…so little time…!

Paid a very fleeting visit to rust-bucket farm this weekend, but grateful for any opportunity to play with ROJ.

Drove up Saturday morning and spent the afternoon fighting with the driver’s side King pin -I loaded a crate full of scrap iron into the engine bay, and wedged a baulc of wood between the car and roof beam of the garage – so that when I jacked up the lower wishbone the damper compressed.

Much as I struggled I could not get the lower wishbone to fit – and as we had a hotel to go to I had to give up about 5.

Got back to the farm at lunchtime on Sunday and with Malcolm’s help used some ratchet straps to hold the spring in compression and that way get the lower wishbone lined up for the spindle.  By this time I was tired, and had a blister on the my thumb so could not get the thread on the spindle to engage – it must be just millimeters off. I was very frustrated having to leave it like that to drive home.


I seriously wish i could spend this coming long weekend at the farm – despite having plenty to do at home…

Slippery slopes and down with a bump

I do enjoy my job, I do honestly…  but after a week skiing in Austria coming back to work was just a bit tedious.

St Anton lived up to it’s reputation with some very challenging and technical skiing – and was spectacular. The snow on the high peaks was perfect, just a bit sugary at the bottom of the slopes.

The Chalet Inge was comfortable – and the service excellent, but the design of the bathroom meant one couldn’t be bashful… I would probably opt for a more traditional place next time.

Although it was great to spend the week with Angus we were fortunate to meet up with a friend of his who was staying in the chalet with his mother. This meant while the lads went off to do their scary skiing I had someone pleasant to ski with myself.

Angus, Alec and Fliss on Valuga

From the gondola up to Valuga

The Galzig bahn was a fascinating piece of engineering. The architects were kind enough to build it in a glass building – I could have spent hours watching it. There are a couple of cool youtube videos of it, and here

Spent Easter in Yorkshire where I discovered a great little classic car museum and restoration workshop in Batley – sadly no Astons, but one my Father might have approved of…

Bentley T1 - right car, wrong colour - and where are the hubcaps?