Monthly Archives: March 2009

Petrol head to battery head!

I met a fascinating bloke yesterday – architect, green guru and one of the venture capitalists behind the Tesla electric sports car.

William McDonough is the author of the ‘Hanover Principles’ and ‘Cradle to Cradle’, he has presented his ideas to George Bush at the White House (which he likened to an anthropologcal field trip) and more recently Barack Obama. He is also leading a project with Brad Pitt to help rebuild the hurricane devastated New Orleans.

Even more surprising is that he and I went to the same school in Hong Kong – he is however a few years my senior.

I just loved the fact that someone so passionate and inspiring about returning to a sustainable environment should have fast cars so foremost in mind. I would have dearly loved to engage him in a petrol-head-battery-head debate, but time was at a premium.

His books are well worth reading – he is far from a doom and gloom environmentalist – more what I would call an optimistic environmentalist – to him we have an abundance of free energy – with a huge nuclear reactor just a mere 93000000 million miles away, and we should concentrate on what we’ve got lots of and not how little we’ve got of something else. Sounds sensible to me.

Car therapy

Last week was one of the worst… really bad time at work – rushed off my feet with a whole host of political briefings – a pair of very expensive sofas that are the wrong colour and I felt, well, just grumpy…

Two days on the farm fitting brakepipe clips to the underside of ROJ, cleaning up and restoring exhaust mounts and playing with Malcolm’s grease gun – getting more all over myself than into the axle bearings – made me feel MUCH better!

This week hasn’t been too bad so far. Spent this morning in the House of Commons briefing a shadow front bench minister on retrofitting green infrastructure…