Monthly Archives: January 2009

My Mother – Have a go Granny!!

Yesterday evening my eighty-three year old mother heard someone kick in her front door – so went into the hall to investigate. She found a man dressed in black wearing a black balaclava. “What are you doing in my house?” she shouted.

The guy stopped – looked at her, looked round the room and said “sorry love, wrong house.” and ran out – the daft old bat then followed him out to see another man similarly dressed. Thug one yells at thug two “we’ve got the wrong f***g address and they run off.

Mater then calls the plod who turn up in droves.

Seems a gang of five had planned to break in next door and steal the guns our neighbour keeps in a safe in his study. Three had gone in through the woods at the back to the correct house, but the two sent round to the front had miscounted the houses and found my mother instead.

They didn’t get the guns – and one got bitten by the dog.

As there were firearms involved it became a serious crime scene rather than a straight forward burglary.

My Mother loved every minute. Although I did tell her that if it had been in London the masked man would have just kept coming.

I am going down to oversee installation of new security lights and a stronger door frame.

A Little progress

The number of times I’ve come close to giving up on this project because I just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere!

But then common sense doesn’t feature highly among my attributes.

Popped up to Bedford this last weekend and decided to undo all the work I did on ROJ before Christmas and start again.

I only had limited time because Stephanie was with me and we were staying with our friend Hilary rather than on the farm. Plus Rikki Cann was coming round to pick up a couple of bits I no longer needed.

On Saturday afternoon then I had about four hours work before taking the ladies to dinner at Ye Three Fishes.

I started by taking off the half shaft, and in doing so discovered one of the New UJs was missing a circlip – where I hadn’t got it properly seated. This gave me a bit of a shock – as if I hadn’t discovered that it could have been very nasty later on. So I checked all the UJs and found another clip that wasn’t quite right. Fixed the problems and went on to
recleaning and reset the bearings.

Time then for dinner – which as per usual at the Fishes was superb.

Got back to the farm about 10am on Sunday Morning – having thought through exactly what I was going to do the night before.

Instead of dropping the diff off the beam, reverse of how I did it the first time. I did what Malcolm did and removed the two support brackets, dropping diff and beam together. I lowered it only so far as it was on a level with the DeDion tube.

The stub axles were then supported on blocks with the splined end through the bearings. I slipped the hubs in through the bearings and over the splines and loosely fitted the axle nuts. Then gently maneuvered the diff so that the locating studs lined up with the axle bracket and fitted the nylok nuts.

The diff now just needs to be jacked back up and the trailing arms reattached.