Monthly Archives: March 2008

Blood, sweat and tears – and a touch of DNA

After a gap of nearly two months I was so happy to see my car again. I do feel that we have really bonded…

When you think about it ROJ is already imbued with my genes – all those scrapings of skin and minor blood spills mean that my DNA is well and truly embedded into this machine! Not to mention every nut, bolt and component will have my finger prints all over it.

This weekend I eased myself gently into it by tackling one of the scariest jobs on the planet – squeezing the shock absorber springs with a compressor. All those tales of high tensile car springs erupting from the tool and ricocheting around the work shop…

In the end it was all a bit of a doddle.


I spent a large amount of money on new rubber suspension bushes – and you can see why I needed them…

frot rubber
more frot rubber

Remember a few threads back I was having problems with the handbrake cable brackets?, I cleaned up the one I took off the wreck and dipped it in Hammerite, it took too long to dry so I only managed to get one on the car.

While I was working under the car I decided to stick the heat shields under the rear seats.

And then I put the rear brake calipers together – now that was a fiddly job. Painting them was a complete waste of time, they look horrible. I cleaned out the cylinders and fitted new ring seals – carefully coating everything in red rubber grease, getting the dust seals in with the new stainless steel pistons was a fag.

Offered up to the brake disk – but not yet bolted to the diff, with new pads and reground retaining pins – the calipers didn’t look too bad at all.

Past loves

We’ve had a number of classic cars over the years, I thought it might be fun to show you some of ROJ’s predecesors. Rather than starting with the Bentleys, MGs and Land-Rovers of my youth, how’s  this  – the wife and son with our very first family car – a Fiat 125 (the church in the background is where we were married.)