Monthly Archives: February 2008

Blood on the snow

The weather was perfect. Cobalt skies, diamantine sun, pristine pistes. My heart sang.

A full six days skiing, bliss.

St Jakob

Slightly sobering were the number of accidents on the slopes – why is it that some people just don’t realise what a dangerous sport skiing can be. On the first day, without any warm up or stretching, one of our group rushed up to the top of St Jakob black run and snapped a tendon on the way down! There were also some very nasty head injuries during the week – I’m so glad I did a first aid course. In all the years I’ve been skiing I’ve never seen so many blood spills on the snow.

The best bit, off the slopes, was the evening of ice go-karting. I just have to imagine myself in the race scene from On her Majesty’s Secret Service everytime I get behind that wheel.

Second best bit was chatting up the stunning East German girl in the sauna…. If I ever take ROJ I might just get somewhere.