Monthly Archives: January 2008

A Quantum of Solace

Now that’s going to be an interesting lyric to work into the title song…

Fantastic! I am delighted that the producers can still draw on original Fleming work for the Bond films – and he’s still driving his DBS.

I am a life long fan of Bond in literature and cheer every time a film is able to follow the original stories. My favourites still remain From Russia With Love and OHMSS – but young Daniel Craig is creeping very close.

Low cost flights – hardly!

Last night I spent the evening researching my flights to Salzburg in Austria for a week skiing next month.

All of the so called ‘cheap flights’ left from Stansted at silly times of day and night – then charged extra for check-in, for luggage, for taxes and for letting you stand in a queue to board the plane! (I bet they have coin slots on the toilet doors on the aircraft). On average the return fare worked out at about £320.

Changing tack I decided to check out flights to Munich and found a Lufthansa return flight from Heathrow (so much easier to get to) at very sensible times of departure for £182 inclusive of everthing. And it will only cost me an extra ten Euro to get to my hotel in the Tyrol than it would from Salzburg. What a bargain!

Some of the scenes in The Living Daylights with James Bond in his Aston Martin V8 were filmed around the Tyrol – and some of the places I visited in Morocco were also used as locations in the film. Cool.

Happy 2008 everyone!

Popped up for a quick weekend on the farm with only one job in mind – one of the handbrake cable brackets was broken while getting it off ROJ and the spare one was pretty badly corroded. I got a quote from Aston for a new one – £98 plus vat. ‘Sod that’ I thought I’ll repair the one I’ve got – only to discover that I’ve actually got two left hand ones! So I spent a cold cramped weekend in the barn cutting a right hand one off the donor car. (After all, what’s the point of having a donor car if I don’t use it for parts?)


I was damned if I was going to lie on a cold wet floor to drill out the bolts on this very rusty old bracket, so I cut through the old handbrake, cable got inside the car and cut away part of the rotten rear panel to expose the bolt ends and captive nuts. Then using a grind stone in a drill I simply ground them away until with a hammer and punch I knocked the complete bracket out.

look at that rust!

And this is what the fuss was all about.

Three little brackets

So did I get anything ONTO the car? Well, yes I did. This electrical connector thingy.

Electrical connector

A small achievement – but significant in it’s own way!

Aged parent’s birthday and skiing in the Tyrol prevents me doing any more for a while. You never know, a wheel or two may appear on the car in 2008!