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White (Aston) Christmas

I went into town to do the last of my Christmas shopping today – what a nightmare!

Fortnum and Mason’s was heaving so I left in a hurry and cut through Burlington Arcade on the way to the Apple store for a hard drive. As I came out of the arcade I spotted a beautiful white 1978 V8. Got chatting to the owner and discovered that we had been close neighbours for over 10 years when we lived behind Madame Tussaurds – and I had never once spotted his car!

All the very bestNigel

Aston’s for Eskimos

Classic car restoration is most definitely not a winter sport – epecially on the frozen steppes of Befordshire!

Thermal underwear, heavy pullover, woolie hat – and that was just for inside the workshop.

Once again I over-estimated what I would be able to get done in three days.  I did achieve quite a bit- but there are still no wheels on ROJ.

My first job was emptying the sludgy old oil from the rear dampers and refilling with EP90 – a very tedious procedure that involved using a syringe to inject the oil while pumping the lever arm back and forth.

Once filled I put them on the car – but the left hand side damper proved problematic as one of the mounting bracket retaining nuts needed cleaning out and retapping – of course it had to be the most inaccesible – sitting on the cold garage floor has probably given me piles.

driver's side

Malcolm pointed out on the Oscar India that the Watts linkage bolt is obscured by the diff mounting bar metalastic bush – and this shows in this photo of ROJ’s mounting too.

passenger side

The second job was to fill the diff with LS oil, and I would have fitted the brake calipers – but decided that the mounting bolts were too badly corroded – will order new ones after Christmas.

Instead I fitted the windscreen wiper motor and attached the mechanism.


Next trip up i shall be trying a different approach to fitting the rear running gear. Malcolm attached the axles to the differential then lifted and attached the whole mechanism in one – I shall try to fit the differential first and then attach the axle , Dedion tube and Watts Linkages as a second operation.

The brake pipe I bought via ebay has disappeard into the ether – the seller has a very strange idea of customer service – after having packed the pipe so badly that the accompanying tools bent it, he said - ‘we’ve never had any problems before’.  I don’t care, I have a problem, sort it. So last time I buy from them. Annoying because i now need to order more pipe from elsewhere.

My son Angus came home from Glasgow School of Art this weekend, which has brightened the house up considerably - we had been enjoying the extra space and absence of loud music at all hours, but missed his charming smile and very quick wit. Sadly he is still not interested in helping me rebuild ROJ.

Even the Swedes!

Came across a great blog on classic aircraft the other day – problem was it was in what looked like Swedish – still the photos were spectacular. There was even a video clip of a 747 coming into land at Kai Tak in Hong Kong – an experience I know only too well.

Imagine if you will all those magnificant flying machines and my consternation at suddenly coming across this magazine cover!

Swedish magazine model

 Malcolm – you are not alone!

 It then reminded me to post some photos my friend David took while we were in Marrakech:

Pissed off with Fleabay

I’m cross with myself again. I have had some really good experiences with ebay – and some real stinkers. Well last week I bought a pair of replacement bumpers for Stephanie’s Escort (Both cracked – long story). Delivered by courier on Saturday, and the rear one was the wrong type. So I looked on ebay and there was a rear bumper near Heathrow. Great, cheap too. So I bought that and off we went to collect it. Got stuck in traffic so took 3 hours! Got home to find it was not an original Ford part, and had been modified. Grrr. I now have two rear bumpers that I will have to put back on ebay, while still looking for an original.

A roll of brake pipe and flaring tools looked like a good deal, so I bought that too, but when it arrived the pipe had been crushed by the tools in a rather shoddy package. Sent the pipe back for a replacement – nothing. Seller claims not to have received it.  Double grrrrr.

Oh well I’ve got a couple of days off before Christmas so I hope to get up to the farm for some Aston therapy.