Monthly Archives: September 2007

The excitment of the boot hinge…

Er… boot hinges. Exciting?

Well no. But deeply satisfying after having had a month of shear cr*p at work. You’ve heard it all before… not respected.. blah blah… apply for your own job. …blah blah… a year’s work – oh but the CEO thinks we should do this… blah blah……

Therapy came in a box of tools and an old Aston Martin… and boot hinges!

Originally the hinges had four large plastic washers either side of the springs and held in with split pins. These discs had long ago been broken or mislaid. So a rumage through banger-man’s bins unearthed an old plastic bumper, and a plumber’s saw created just the right things.

banger's bumperlethal springsready to fitfitted

The new springs are a bit vicious though. They were deadly to fit, and so strong that when I open the boot I’m going to have to be very careful not to get chinned by the bloody thing.

Because of the lousy week at work I hadn’t actually planned what I would do this last weekend, but in the end was very productive – the boot springs, the brake calipers, and under sealing the rear axle tunnel – plus I got to take the farmer’s quad bike for a burn round the track. I felt much better coming home last night.

We had a bit of a “I’m so miserable at work” session in the pub until Malcolm wanted to join in – ‘You don’t count’ we cried, ‘you work for yourself!’

I’ve sent the brake servos off to be renovated – this is the before shot:

servos to go

The last trip to the farm had been just a jolly – bonfire, BBQ and Santa Pod.

This is VERY good beer.Clive did the cookingWe burned the furniture last year, this year it's the shedcoolest car at Santa Pod

That orange thing had to be the coolest car at Santa Pod!

And this is my neighbours’s lovely Alvis – he usually keeps it tucked up inside.

Alvis in Dulwich