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Oh DO keep up…

The Aston Martin is a wonderful machine, made up of lots and lots and lots of little pieces – all of which have to go back together in a particular order. Get one piece wrong – and the whole thing could fall apart.

A bit like language – one wrong word, one wrong intonation, one wrong hand gesture or facial expression, one wrong cultural assumption, and the whole meaning can be misconstrued.

For the past few days I have been analysing how people communicate in the electonic medium. Emails are the worst – written in haste and sent without rereading or checking the recipients. (I have been just as guilty as anyone else on this score)

Blogs too can be a powerful tool for communication, or mis-communication. I came across this fascinating piece of video on the Guido Faulkes blogsite. Although it is a bit of marketing it is both entertaining and thought provoking.

Just how do we define personal identity, privacy, intellectual ownership, indeed thought itself.

Thank God for the simplicity of machines, and Aston Martins in particular!



Well blogger me!!

Since starting this blog I have tried to keep a regular flow of restoration related tit-bits flowing, but at times – if I’m not doing any work on the car – it can prove challenging.

So I have taken to reading other people’s blogs in the hope of learning a few tips to make this more stimulating and entertaining.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that they all spend much of there time commenting on what other people are saying in other people’s blogs, with numerous links such as this one . I like this one as it slags off politicians (a favourite pastime of mine).

I also particularly like

And have linked to both these in the hope that they will return the favour! But I somewhow doubt it.

Freedom of speech

Did anyone hear the story on Radio 4’s Today Programme about theroad pricing e-petition on the Number 10 website? Mine was one of 1.5 million signatures -  there may be a date sometime in the future when we will want to take ROJ for a lazy amble along a few highways and byways. And all Douglas Alexander says is that the petition was just a bit of fun. One can almost imagine Rob Brydons’ voice there.

..and the good news.

 Don’t worry I will be back in my overalls next month (After a week skiing in the Tyrol) and will have engine building on my mind rather than politics.

ROJ finds a friend

Before Christmas an Aston Martin V8 appeared on ebay, it looked as if it had been in some disagreement with a lamp post. It was light blue and an M reg like ROJ.

Now I will not deny I was tempted to add a fourth Aston to my stable, but it would have just been silly. So I let it pass. Someone else didn’t, and the car ended up not far away from Bedford.

On Saturday on my way up to work on ROJ I dropped in to see it – and was amazed at what the guys had managed to achieve in getting it straight. Artistry almost equal to the Great Malcolm. If I get permission, I will post a couple of photos on here.

Of course I had to return the favour and show them over ROJ – respect, I deduced, was entirely mutual.

After they had pushed off I set to work – cleaned up and refitted the handbrake mechanism and cleaned out the hypoid unit ready to refit that next trip. On the back cover of the diff was an odd hole, I checked the manual and it said there should be a ‘breather pipe’ Well this had obviously gone missing ages ago. So without knowing quite what i was looking for, I spent an hour sifting through boxes and tins without unearthing anything that looked even faintly right.

I gave up, deciding I would have to buy the part from Puddleducks and took a coffee break. Came back and started work on the rear suspension fittings, and there in the bottom of the box was an odd little bent fitting – aha! tried it in the hole on the diff and voila! One breather pipe.

Here are a couple of photos of this weekend’s work:

Nicely restored brake reservoirs

 brake pots

The parts of the handbrake lever before cleaning


Hypoid unit opened up and the gunge cleaned out


and finally, long lost breather pipe fitment

found at last