Monthly Archives: January 2007

Bond the Builder

In the film Casino Royale, James Bond wins an Aston Martin DB5 in a poker game – and according to the producers, this explains how in earlier films he has one as his personal car.

For Christmas I was given a super book called ‘The Art of Bond’ containing anecdotes on the writing and design of all the films. In the chapter on cars it states that an early draft of the Casino Royale screenplay considered Bond finding a trashed DB5 and rebuilding it. Now wouldn’t THAT have been something?

New Year resolution

Happy 2007 everyone!

I am making myself a hostage to fortune here – in an earlier post Malcolm set himself a deadline for finishing the OI, which slipped a wee bit – but i am determined to have the wheels on ROJ by Summer.

Oddly enough, having a new job with greater responsibility, and far less time to think about other things, has made me far more concious of how I use my free time and I am getting far more done besides working on ROJ. I just hope this new found efficiency continues.

I have made two new contacts who are both rebuilding V8s, one in London and the other not far from Luton – so more opportunity for sharing experiences.

I’m looking forward to my first weekend in January when I can get the brake reservoirs, cylinder and pipes installed.