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Fuel sender – that’s a misnomer!

While I’m away from the farm I fret if I haven’t got a piece of ROJ to work on, so last time I brought home the pedal gear to renovate and two fuel senders.

The original sender from ROJ’s leaky tank is completely shot, it’s rusted beyond repair. The sender from the other car looked in better shape, so I cleaned it up and tested it with an ohm meter – nothing. No resistance at any position.

The sender is a Smiths Industries part – but I can find no trace of the particular model number it on the internet – I shall have to take it apart to see if I can repair it.

rusty senders

The pedal gear and master cylinder are now ready to fit to the car.


master cylinder

Dressed to impress

Someone asked me why there were no photos of me in boilersuit, spanner in hand. Well, I can hardly take one of myself now could I?

An old friend with whom i was at school in Hong Kong came up to the farm the other weekend – although a Lotus Elite and Elan owner, his father-in-law has an AMV8 so he was keen to see ROJ in it’s present state. He took this photo of my son and I hard at work.

Father & son


Many hands…

As my new job means I have meetings every Monday, I took last friday off instead to make a long weekend working on ROJ. I was also pleased as my son asked if he could come too.

Friday was good fun as we were sorting out the fuel system – working out where the breather pipes went and taking bits off the old fuel tank to use on the new, only to discover that most were unusable.

Remember the start of this blog, before we took ROJ apart? I said that the fuel went straight through the bottom of the tank. You can see why:

rusty tank

The fuel sucker pipe shows what the conditions inside the tank were like, compare to the new one:

fuel suckers

Saturday we spent overhauling the steering rack and fitting the renovated aircon drier.

restored rack

Airconditioning drier

We then took a break, drank some beer and spent saturday evening watching DVDs. Sunday morning I fitted the lower wishbone – I had hoped to get the suspension unit sorted – but I need a special tool which the AMOC have out on loan at the moment, so will have to wait.


And finally, for a bit of fun, we fitted the steering wheel. In the box are all the pedal gear parts and brake cylinder, which will be the next job.

vroom vroom

I don’t think my son realised how much of car restoration involved cleaning and restoring all the little bits before putting them back on the car – Pimp My Ride has a lot to answer for!