Monthly Archives: October 2006

Really BIG toy.

There is always something entertaining going on up at the farm.

This weekend I was fighting a losing battle with a front suspension unit when a truly enormous low loader arrived – carrying what could only be decribed as 20 tons of earth and rust.

 Where do you want this guv? shouted the driver.

“er, MALCOLM!” I yelled.

Really BIG toy

 In fact it wasn’t an enormous Renault, but a very rare and ancient American made tractor – an Allis -Chalmers HD14 bulldozer from around 1942

It had been bought by Malcolm’s landlord – a genial farmer with a penchant for old agricultural relics – most of which litter the farm like stranded first world war battleships.

We had a very happy half hour watching them hitch up the crane and lower the thing to the ground.

up she goes

and down she goes.

 The race is now on to see who drives off the farm first, the A-C or ROJ.

 Oh yes and ROJ. I spent the weekend refurbishing and refitting the steering collumn. I can now fit the steering wheel and sit in the car going ‘brumm, brumm’.

brumm, brumm

I can see!!!

…and the Lord said: “let there be light.” and there was light…. and you could see for bloody miles…

Being somewhat short of sight I decided to splash out and buy a hideously expensive welding mask, a Speedglas 9002X auto-darkening screen with larger viewing area.

This weekend I tried it out. After setting up the welder and attaching new gas bottle bottle, I spent an hour or so just playing – butt-welds, lap welds, 90-degree joints, the best I’ve ever done.

Sadly all of the chassis welding on ROJ is complete – the only welding still to be done is when we replace the aluminium bodywork. I’m hoping Malcolm will teach me how.

My wife’s little VDP 1300 however still needs a little work to the sills and rear wheel arches, so I should have plenty of opportunity to play.