Monthly Archives: July 2006

An Aston Martin that works!

The brake servo arrived a little late last week.   A safety check at the weekend (making sure all the nuts and bolts were done up and that there was no petrol dribbling on the exhaust) and ready for a test drive.

I quite enjoyed driving the car up and down the driveway.   It’s similar to a 1970’s Rolls Royce in that everything feels smooth and nicely crafted, there’s a pleasant V8 burble, and next to no damping (even with the Koni’s on this car which I guess are set to comfort).   I found it a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

Right up until I tried to stop – at first the brakes needed more of a push than I’d expected, but they did improve a lot after a few trips down the drive.  They’ll need a little time to bed in but have got to the point where they’ll lock the wheels with a decent push, so they shouldn’t be a problem for the MOT.

The MOT garage (I’ve been going to Homan Tyre in Kempston for years and they are excellent) have a vacuum gauge that we can use to check for vacuum leaks.   A lack of vacuum would account for poor throttle pick up at low speed as well as under-assisted brakes.

MOT next week with luck.   First a good polish is in order.

it works!

New Home for Nigel’s Crate

Nigel has written about the James Bond style mini-submarine container bought for posting Aston parts to Canada only the Canadians wouldn’t have it.

He thinks I’ve burned it, but actually I’ve put it to good use.   I spotted it was painted in Renault racing colours, and decided it would make an excellent place to store Renault parts. 

In the mad heat of yesterday (wish I was with Nigel in the Canary Islands where it’s a little cooler) I made some modifications to the crate.   It now has a Bond style fold down door and you’d expect one of Q’s motorcycles to leap out at any moment.

I’d have been getting on with the OI, but the brake servo promised for last week won’t now arrive until this week.


Bye bye Aby

Six months after selling the old AMV8 chassis to the lady race driver in France, it was still sitting on the drive behind my mother’s house – until 8 am this morning.

One of the transport drivers for the Aston Martin and Bentley racing teams was heading over to France to collect a car, so swung past Southampton and collected the V8 chassis on the way.

Dear mater is delighted.

Now I’ve got to sort out a rear windshield to Naples, a bonnet to Liverpool, and a whole batch of other bits to a bloke near Guildford.

Oh, and anyone want to buy a crate…?


Something of a slip in timing

What a week.   I’ve had three major deadlines this week.   On Sunday a two month web project was launched on an unsuspecting public.   That was rather a fixed deadline, and I made it.

On Tuesday a friend flew down from Scotland to collect my MGB V8.   it had been off the road for a year so needed a bit of work to make sure it was reliable for his trip home.  Again a fixed deadline as the flight was already paid for.  He made it home without problems, and enjoyed the trip.

On Friday the Aston was booked in for an MOT.   This morning all was looking good, with the seats all that was required to complete the car.  That and replacing an anti-roll bar mounting that had cracked.

That was the afternoon gone.   It was a dead cert that the bolts would snap, but it was less than ideal that a (not very important) part of chassis had to be removed for access to drill and tap the bolt thread it was hiding.

Onto the brakes.   They had been bled before I fitted the rear axle but not since - they needed to be bled again.   A 5 minute job.   Unless of course air doesn’t stop coming out of the front brakes.   Had to be the servo.

I stole one of Nigel’s brake servos to fix the emergency (I’d have paid for it honest) and fitted it in the evening.   The brakes bled successfully and all that remained was a safety check.

Which the car failed.   The new servo didn’t let air in, but it did let fluid out.

I’m a year late already so another few days delay should be neither here nor there.  I’ll order up another and organise an MOT in a week once I’ve had a chance to test out the car a little more fully.